DAMAS-DAM-904: Material selection for lightweight Metallic Structure

Master degree: DAMAS
Mention SPIM – Spécialité MET, Parcours DAMAS
Reference number of the course: SPIM-DAMAS-904
Full name of the course : Material Selection for Lightweight Metallic Structures
Department: UFR MIM
Coordinating lecturer and email address : Laszlo TOTH, laszlo.toth@univ-lorraine.fr
Course given each year in fall semester : 9
Volume horaire enseigné : 30 H Nombre de crédits ECTS : 3
Number of teaching hours: 30h Number of ECTS credits : 3
Number of personal studying hours : 30h
Teaching language : English
% of external lecturer : 0%
Origin of the lecturer (industry….) : University of Lorraine
Teaching information on the course Volume horaire par type
Grading method*
Lectures Tutorials Practicals others
Material Selection for Lightweight Metallic Structures 3 24 6 written
* see legend below
Objectives : To develop skills for material selection based on the Ashby method and to get familiar with all techniques that can lead to light weighting for metallic structures
Pre-requirements :
General knowledge on the physics, mechanics and chemistry of metallic materials, level M1
Educational content of the course
The Ashby method is a new approach in material teaching which defines performance indices for a given application and look for the best material choice in a large material data base. The first part of the course is based on the book “Material Selection” written by Ashby and also uses a material software developed by Granta Design for practical applications. At the end of the first part, the students will get practice on this software.

The second part of the course is focusing on the techniques that make possible to reduce the weight of a metallic structure, mostly by metallurgical means. All techniques/methods/processes are discussed and illustrated with applications.

* Grading method :
WRITTEN : written exam
Internship training / Master thesis : written report + oral presentation
ORAL : oral test