SPIM-MET-902: Formation of microstructure

Master degree: DAMAS
Mention SPIM – Spécialité MET, Parcours DAMAS
Commun with SPIM-AMA-910 SPIM-MET-902
Reference number of the course: SPIM-MET-902Full name of the course: Formation of microstructure
Department: Ecole des mines/ENSGSI
Coordinating lecturer and email address : Elizabeth Bauer Grosse, elisabeth.bauer-grosse@univ-lorraine.fr – Dominique Daloz, dominique.daloz@univ-lorraine.fr
Course is given each year in fall semester : 9Number of teaching hours: 30h Number of ECTS credits: 3
Number of personal studying hours: 50h
Teaching language: English
% of external lecturer: 0%
Origin of the lecturer (industry….): University of Lorraine
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Grading method*
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Formation of microstructure 3 30 Written
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Objectives :
The objective of this course is to understand the genesis of the microstructure arising from phase transformations by linking the transformation mechanism and kinetics to the resulting morphological parameters.
In view of the desired properties, the multiscale aspect of the structure of materials is underlined together with the relevant characteristic dimension and the chemical local composition.
Pre-requirements :
Thermochemistry , phase diagram, diffusion, crystallographic structure and crystal defects.
Educational content of the course
Phase transformation and multiscale microstructure. Microstructure formation : equilibrium diagram, overall driving force for transformation, nucleation driving force. Nucleation kinetics, diffusion controlled growth kinetics.
Application to cristallization and precipitation (pure substance, binary and ternary alloys),
Application to eutectic and eutectoid transformation.
Overall transformation kinetics for isothermal and nonisothermal transformation. Diffusionless transformation, Martensitic transformation.
  • Grading method:

Written: Written exam
Internship training: Report
ORAL : Oral test