SPIM-MET-908: Stress-phase transformation interactions

Master degree: DAMAS
Mention SPIM – Spécialité MET, Parcours DAMAS
Commun with SPIM-AMA-915 SPIM-MET- 908
Reference number of the course: SPIM-MET-908
Full name of the course: Stress-phase transformation interactions
Department: UFR ST
Coordinating lecturer and email address : Sabine Denis
Course is given each year in fall semester : 9
Number of teaching hours: 30h Number of ECTS credits: 3
Number of personal studying hours: 60h
Teaching language: English
% of external lecturer: 30%
Origin of the lecturer (industry….): CNRS
Teaching information on the course Number of hours per typeof teaching Grading method*
Lectures Tutorials Practicals Others
Stress-phase transformation interactions 3 30 Written
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Objectives :– understand the stress –phase transformation interactions and know the basis of their modelling
– unsderstand how these interactions intervene in heat treatment processes, welding….
Pre-requirements : basis in solid-solid phase transformations and mechanical behaviour of materials 
Educational content of the course  
Analysis of the stress-phase transformation interactions: effect of stresses on equilibrium, on nucleation, on growth and on the microstructures. Examples: coherent precipitation, diffusion dependent transformations, martensitic transformation of metallic alloys.
– Consequences on the mechanical behaviour during phase transformation : transformation plasticity mechanisms – modelling of transformation plasticity
– Taking account of the stress-phase transformation interactions in the prediction of internal stresses and deformations during heat treatment. Analysis of their role.
  • Grading method:

Written: Written exam
Internship training: Report
ORAL : Oral test