SPIM-MET-909: Ferrous alloys

Master degree: DAMAS
Mention SPIM – Spécialité MET, Parcours DAMAS
Commun with SPIM-AMA-916 SPIM-MET-909

Reference number of the course: SPIM-DAMAS-909
Full name of the course: Ferrous alloys

Department: UFR ST
Coordinating lecturer and email address : Sabine Denis, sabine.denis@univ-lorraine.fr
Course is given each year in fall semester : 9

Number of teaching hours: 30h Number of ECTS credits: 2
Number of personal studying hours: 30h
Teaching language: English
% of external lecturer: 20%
Origin of the lecturer (industry….): industrial (CRITT Metall 2T, Arcelor Mittal…)

Teaching information on the course Number of hours per type
of teaching
Grading method*
Lectures Tutorials Practicals Others
Metallurgy of ferrous alloys 2 20 10 Written, report, oral
* see legend below
Objectives: Understand the formation of microstructures during heat treatment of ferrous alloys and consequences on mechanical properties – to be able to propose a heat treatment fora piece in use.
Pre-requirements: phase transformations and mechanical properties of materials
Educational contentof the course:

Steels: Phase transformations during rapid heating and cooling : – austenitization mechanisms, dissolution, grain growth – phase transformations on cooling (isothermal conditions IT diagrams), continuous cooling CCT diagrams) – role of alloying elements – hardenability concept – mechanisms of phase transformations during tempering of martensite – relationship between microstructures and mechanical properties .
Case study (industrial partner)
Cast iron : formation of microstructures from solidification to solid-solid phase transformations – heat treatment – relationship between microstructures and mechanical properties – case study (industrial partner)

  • Grading method:

Written: Written exam
Internship training: Report
ORAL : Oral test