SPIM-MM-930: Forming processes

Master degree: DAMAS
Mention SPIM – Spécialité MET, Parcours DAMAS
Reference number of the course: SPIM-MM-930
Full name of the course : Forming processes
Department: UFR MIM
Coordinating lecturer and email address : Eric Fleury, eric.fleury@univ-lorraine.fr
Course is given each year in fall semester : 9
Number of teaching hours: 30h Number of ECTS credits :4
Number of personal studying hours : 30h
Teaching language : English
% of external lecturer : 0%
Origin of the lecturer (industry….) : University of Lorraine
Teaching information on the course Number of hours per typeof teaching Grading method*
lectures Tutorials Practicals others
Forming processes 4 20 10 Written
* see legend below
Objectives : Presentation of forming processes by mechanical deformation
Pre-requirements :Basic knowledge about continuous mechanics and rheology of solid materials
Educational content of the course
Classification of forming processes – Physics of plasticity in metal forming – Modeling of the mechanical plasticity – Plastic flow in anisotropic materials – Basis of limit analysis – Notions on finite transformations, problems of objectivity – Thermal aspects – Analytical methods: the slab method, method of the upper and lower bounds – Method of nonlinear finite element (Abaqus) – Case study of rolling, extrusion, forging in plane strain conditions
* Grading method : WRITTEN : written exam
Internship training / Master thesis : written report + oral presentation
ORAL : oral test